Behind Homes of New Orleans:  Nathan Norsworthy

Behind Homes of New Orleans: Nathan Norsworthy

Posted by F&N Babe Kate Kelly on Jul 23rd 2019

I was given the pleasure of interviewing Nathan Norsworthy, the man behind the camera of the Instagram Homes of New Orleans. Nathan is a proud southern Louisiana native. He and his wife have 3 beautiful daughters that he is proud to say love gumbo, jambalaya, sno-balls, Jesus, people, the Saints and LSU (in no particular order).

There is no city in America that Nathan loves more than New Orleans and he is constantly fascinated by the city’s history, food, art, people and culture. He loves seeing New Orleans through the lens of others and loves to share what he sees through his own.

To Nathan, the highlight of the page has been seeing the love people have for New Orleans from all around the world. The new friendships he’s formed with the art of sharing pictures is a great bonus. Tomorrow will be the one year anniversary since starting the page.

Let’s get to it:

Kate: How did the @homesofneworleans Instagram start?

Nathan: Just over a year ago I was looking through my photos and found myself with literally hundreds of pictures of New Orleans homes. I was kind of surprised at how many I had accumulated over a couple of years and I really had no outlet for them. One day last year while sitting on my couch the idea popped into my head — why not start an Instagram page just for those photos? I asked my wife and my brother their opinions of it and they both thought it was a fun idea so I started it with very little expectation.

K: How does Instagram/social media help you harness your passion?

N: I’ve always loved looking at photography and have enjoyed taking pictures of things but it was always for my own satisfaction. Once Instagram came along it became a fun way to actually share photos with other people. With all of my travels I’ve come to realize that New Orleans and southern Louisiana has the most beautiful, unique and colorful homes in America. It’s fun sharing this one aspect of NOLA with others.

K: What do you love most about New Orleans?

N: I love to tell people that New Orleans has more culture than any city in America and I think it’s because traditions are very important to people here. The way people cook, where they go to to church, which Krewe they are a part of, which neighborhood restaurant they go to, what high school they attend, and, so on, are things families care a lot about. All the big cities always want what’s new. And new is fun but the old matters more here and is more interesting.

K: Which neighborhood of New Orleans are you most drawn to?

N: I love them all for different reasons but I’m still drawn to the French Quarter more than any other. There is nothing more relaxing to me than walking around a foggy French Quarter at 6 AM and having entire streets to myself. I wander around for hours on empty streets and wish that I could travel back in time to see old New Orleans. The combination of the history, the architecture and the colors are just perfect!

K: What is your favorite home you’ve photographed? See image directly below answer for reference.

N: Last year I stumbled upon this home on a corner of Marais St. The owner came out and told me how the house came to be. Her husband is a woodworker by trade and she said she’s great with colors. So, together they have been creating this unique home over many years. To see this home in person is something you must do! There is a home on Saint Ann St. in the Quarter which is a close second because of how festive it is.

K: What inspires you most about homes and architecture?

N: The combination of craftsmanship, artistry and functionality. Most people don’t realize just how functional many of these homes are. They were built to be strong and withstand strong storms but also built to be as cool as possible to get through our brutal summers.

K: What is your go-to spot in New Orleans?

N: With the kids, it’s usually City Park or Audubon Park. Beignets or sno-balls (sometimes both) will likely be eaten. When it’s my wife Lindsey and me, we are probably Uptown eating and shopping our way up and down Magazine St. When I’m by myself, I’m probably walking around neighborhoods, stopping by a record shop and then finding my way to Central Grocery to eat a muffuletta, which is my single favorite food item in NOLA.

K: Where would you send someone that is visiting NOLA?

N: Ride the streetcar to Oak St. on a Tuesday night. Go and eat dinner at Jacques-Imo’s. Afterwards, walk down and visit Frenchy’s Gallery. Finish up by going to Maple Leaf Bar to see Rebirth Brass Band. To me, this is a perfect New Orleans evening that is not so touristy. You won’t regret it!!

To follow Nathan on his journey through New Orleans homes, follow @homesofneworleans on Instagram!

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Kate Kelly is a Marketing Associate with Freret & Napoleon. She was born and raised in New Orleans and is attending CU Boulder for undergrad. Kate is a travel obsessed foodie with a passion for photography, interior design, and art. Follow her on Instagram @katakel!