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FN Believe in Yourself, K?

Posted by F&N Babe-in-Charge Tiff on Nov 7th 2017

If I could give just one lesson to every little girl in the world, I already know, hands down, what it would be. It's pretty simple and anyone could tell you it. But the key here, is to actually do … read more
Grace and Gusto

Grace and Gusto

Posted by Kathryn Gunderson on Oct 20th 2017

Foreword from your Head F&N Babe-in-Charge Tiff: Each week, we're introducing a new friend with a new story. A story about something that'll make you root for the author reading through her (or his … read more

You Are Not A Tree

Posted by Claire Sojourner on Oct 11th 2017

Foreword from your Head F&N Babe-in-Charge Tiff: Today marks the first inaugural blog post introducing my favorite F&N Babes that are just like you and me doing big things in their lives! … read more


Posted by F&N Main Babe Tiff on Oct 5th 2017

You probably thought you saw the last of Freret & Napoleon, right? Wellll...I tricked y'all (kinda)!  I'm back better than ever and fully rebranded to give you a brand new one-of-a-ki … read more