5 Hacks for Humidity and Heat

5 Hacks for Humidity and Heat

Posted by F&N Babe Kate Kelly on Jun 27th 2019

Hey y’all! It’s summer in New Orleans and in anticipation of the hottest month of the year I’ve created a list of hacks for humidity and heat. Aside from the obvious summer activities to cool down (swimming, drinking lemonade, paying the A/C bill…), how do we not let the heat get the best of us?


I have the world’s frizziest, curliest, untamable hair ever. Think Mia Thermopolis…

Thanks to this product, you would never know that I have the hair of an untamed beast. I found this product watching Kathie Lee & Hoda. And who better to advise on NOLA humidity than a beloved native. The product is Color Wow’s Dream Coat. This is seriously the best anti-humidity treatment I’ve ever used (and trust me—I’ve tried them all). The girl doing my blowout the other day was amazed and thought I had a Keratin treatment in my hair! I can wear my hair straight all day in the humidity and it stays perfectly silky smooth.

https://www.colorwowhair.com/us/dream-coat.html - 6.7 fl. oz. $28

The other thing that I love about this product is that it lasts for 3 shampoos so it’s more bang for your buck than most blowout products. The website says it lasts for 3-4 shampoos but I definitely feel the need to reapply after 3 washes. It is crucial for managing humidity in this town. Think Princess of Genovia…


This may seem so obvious but on a caffeinated work week it’s easy to forget to hydrate. I’ve started carrying an insulated water bottle with me everywhere and it has really made a difference for me. And I don’t feel as sluggish in the afternoon when the heat really kicks in for that post-lunch food coma. The Hydro Flask I like is on sale right now until July 4th!

https://www.hydroflask.com/21-oz-standard-mouth-with-sport-cap/color,frost,a,92,o,289 - 21 oz. Usually $35.95, NOW $26.96


Ready for a magic trick? Put your eye cream in the fridge. I always apply an eye cream in the morning and at night, but I just recently starting keeping mine in the fridge. When I don’t get a full night’s rest and my eye bags are hanging out, the heat can feel like punishment. It’s a miracle how much a little cool eye cream can wake you up and make you feel fresh. It may not give you a full 8 hours of rest, but it does give you a little relief.

I like this because it’s fast, but some people prefer to use cooled under eye masks if you have 10-15 minutes. Creams are better for this than gels. I use Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado.

https://www.kiehls.com/skincare/eye-creams-and-eye-serums/creamy-eye-treatment-with-avocado/258.html - 0.5 fl. oz. $30


So, it’s 8:30 AM, your makeup is done and you look fab. Fast-forward to 10 AM, you run to the restroom and you look like a clown. Now admittedly, there is no fix-all for this. It’s just part of the summer struggle. One way to help yourself this summer—wear less! Leave the heavy products for winter and let your skin breathe in the heat. The natural look is in, so roll with it. Tinted sunscreens are my go-to for the natural look.

However, waterproof products are a big help. I’ve invested in waterproof concealer and mascara to help keep everything in place for longer. Any waterproof mascara at the drug store will do. I’ve found that the best concealer for the job is Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Waterproof Concealer. I love the consistency and it feels light on my face…but it STAYS ON!!

Makeup is a very personal thing, so try it before you buy it. There are plenty of waterproof products, it’s just a matter of finding the right fit for you.

https://www.esteelauder.com/product/631/39750/product-catalog/makeup/double-wear-waterproof/all-day-extreme-wear-concealer#/shade/1N-Extra-Light-Neutral - $29


My new favorite purchase is an SPF sun hat for laying by the pool. Unless I set an alarm every 2 hours, I’m definitely not reapplying sunscreen right when I’m supposed to. I have very fair skin and worry about sun damage. Having an SPF hat gives me peace of mind when there is a gap between reapplying sunscreen. Plus it really gives extra protection to the most important places—face, chest, and neck. The only downside is that they can be a little pricey.

Coolibar.com has plenty of options under $100. There are plenty of different styles online but the one below is my personal purchase.

https://www.coolibar.com/women/womens-sun-hats/women-s-loren-fabulous-sun-hat-upf-50.html - $110


Kate Kelly is a Marketing Associate with Freret & Napoleon. She was born and raised in New Orleans and is attending CU Boulder for undergrad. Kate is a travel obsessed foodie with a passion for photography, interior design, and art. Follow her on Instagram @katakel!